Install WordPress Blogs From Your Computer Desktop

You may have heard of a WordPress Auto Installer but do not know what it is. To give you an idea, think of this: it is a fairly long process to install a well-designed blog from your desktop. Imagine trying to install 50 blogs. This is what you might want to do if you are going to set up a network of blogs to draw traffic to your website. A WordPress Installer will make the job go easily and quickly.

A WordPress Mass Installer makes extremely short work of setting up your blogs. If you do each one individually, the old-fashioned way, it could take you about 15 minutes to do each one. That is assuming that you work fairly quickly and do not dawdle over your decisions. With a WordPress Auto Installer, you can manage the installation of each blog in less than a minute. This is a great idea if you want to set up many blogs.

You probably will not want all of your blogs to be identical. That would reduce their visibility on search engines. Without the help of a WordPress Mass Installer, accomplishing variation would be a painstaking job. However, with the help of the WordPress Installer, a variety of blog themes can be uploaded automatically in a matter of minutes, making each of your blogs unique.

The two-step process of a WordPress Auto Installer is simple. Just run the software to begin. Then, you will need to fill in a few required fields to complete the process. You can import a list of all the blogs you wish to create into the WordPress Mass Installer. Voila, when you click Install Now, your blogs will come up in WordPress, all made up and ready to go.

It is also easy to add keywords with a WordPress Mass Installer. There should be a box where you can type the keywords. You can create categories and subcategories for your blogs as easily as clicking on those headings and typing in your category name. The WordPress Auto Installer will set up your first blog post immediately when the blog is created.

Just as important to you, the WordPress Installer will set up your own customized list of links for you. All you have to do is follow the prompt and these links will appear in your blog to guide people to your website. Assuming website traffic is a major reason to have blogs, the links are incredibly important.

With a WordPress Auto Installer, you can have convenience and speed without spending a fortune. That is because you can do it yourself at your own desktop with a WordPress Mass Installer. Your business will improve and you will spend less time making it happen.