Powerful Features

You can promote all your web sites and referral URLs from one simple URL.

Its simple, every time someone visits Your Rotator URL they will be directed to one of your web sites.

When they come back they will see a different web site! And unlike other rotators, it can rotate unlimited URLs.

Version History

0.4 to 0.5

New option added for "per link" category - If this option is enabled then "URLs Rotator Link" rotates all the URLs listed in category in sequence of Site ID (lowest to highest). Once it reaches the last URL then "URLs Rotator Link" sticks at the last URL forever.

0.3 to 0.4

Encryption removed

Now it's available with Source Code and Resell Rights.

0.2 to 0.3

1. New Import URLs Section Added where you can add URLs in two ways:



2. Total URLs now displayed inside Manage Categories

0.1 to 0.2

Script is no more a part of tools2u as (module), Now its stand-alone application.


First Public Release


[YES] Private use

[YES] Can be sold

[YES] Can be packaged with other paid products

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus with paid product

[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites

[YES] Private Label Rights.

[YES] Can sell Resale Rights.

[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights.

[YES] Can resell the product.

[NO] Can be sold on auction sites

[NO] Can be given away for free

[NO] Can give away or resell the Private Label Rights to the product, in full or partial.

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